Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Color Guard Team Wins First Place!!

The past 2 weeks have been extremly busy by all of, parent teachers, basketball,soccer, school projects, work & color guard.  My camera did not get out of the case until last night when I went to my first  colorguard competition this season.  Our show is really fun this year, but it is also very hard to design & organize.  We are a group of girl scouts called the Fireside Girls.  Our show is called "A Day at Camp Bear River".  Our show is exactly that....what a day would be like at camp.  The outfits turned out darling!  They all have earned badges for their sashes.  It has been a lot of work for everyone trying to work with props and 21 girls on the floor.  But it is rewarding when you get first place out of 10 teams.  I am very proud of them and I am excited to continue to make this year a great experience for everyone.

                                                    The girls after the awards.....#1!!

                                       The girls in their outfits before we went to perform!  So cute!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy week of Colorguard & Grandpa Snyder's Birthday

This week was, school & more work.  Then add color guard to the mix....crazy.  I needed to buy painting supplies this week to paint the color guard floor and backdrops for this seasons show.  It was a lot of paint & money....but it all worked out!
Saturday was our big painting & show preparing day....The floor got painted (it looks like a campground's ground), the backdrops painted (looks like a forest) and giant marshmellows made, campfire made & poles now look like wood.  It was a very productive day, long day, but we got a lot done.  This show is going to be fun!

 This is the last of the girls & helpers that were still there at 5 pm (we started at 8 am)....eating a snack

a picture of our backdrops.....pretty good huh?

 This is the girls making the ground look like it has texture....Brinley is helping in the middle (yellow top)

 Taylee was helping make "badges" for the girls.  Since our theme this year is camping, we have the girls earning badges for their sashes.....kind of fun

Then we also celebrated my father-in-laws birthday this week.  He turned 63 years old.  He is a great man.  He has helped us out in many ways, expecially since Chris lost his job.  He is a great dad & grandpa!  I hope he had a great Birthday!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Starting to get a little organized......

One of my resolutions this year was to get organized and clean out some things. I found a website on the internet (helps from a friend at BATC) that is great for cleaning and organizing your home. It is called I think it is more for those people that have awefully cluddered homes.....but after I skipped through all that sections.....the cleaning and organizing part was awesome. I made a list last sunday of all the things I wanted to clean and all the things I had to do. I did pretty well. Each week you focus on a section of your house and last week was the cleaning UNDER the sink (wow, have not done that for awhile). Next week is the Bathroom & Office....can't wait!!

I also wanted to go through all of Chris & I's clothes so we could take a trip to the DI. Well Chris put in his pile of clothes.....camo pants. I actually was glad he was getting rid of them, but when Austin saw them, he asked if he could have them. Well as you can see, they are not going to fit him ever!! The kids had a fun time teasing dad about his FAT CAMO PANTS! But I am sure some man will love them at the DI!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year.....A New Blog

Well here is is......2012! Where does the time go? I have thought about some new resolutions for the year. I did not want it to be anything that I would give up on or forget about in the next couple weeks or months. So one of them is to keep up my blog. I am not going to say it will be updated every week....but I will try to keep it updated. I really think it will be good for me to keep up on it for my extended family, but also for me. It is almost like writing in a journal...with pictures!

2011 had it's up's and down's.

We all lost my dad in February..... It was a horrible thing for all of us to go through. I know he is in a better place and is now in no pain....but it is hard to not have him here to enjoy life with. I think of all the things that he is missing....but he really isn't....he actually is helping us more now than he could of before. I sure do miss him!

In March, Brinley turned 6 years old....ready for 1st grade! My color guard took State Champions again for the 2nd year! It was really cool to acheive that goal again this year.

April.... Austin's soccer team won first place in their division & Taylee was in her school play "Snow White & Friends" as Briar Rose. I am very proud of them and all they are accomplishing.

Brinley played soccer for the 1st time and had her dad be her coach.
May....Austin turned 13! Yes I have a teenager in my home! He has been great so far!! I have heard stories and I was one myself....but so far so good. He participated in the iron man at his school and won 5th place out of the whole 7th grade boys! I was very proud of him! The kids all had their dance recital....always so fun to watch and Austin won the Clogging scholorship for the year! He was so suprised!! My sister Jaycee got married to River also this month. This one a great time for our family. My brother Bryan and his family came home for the wedding.

June.... Taylee turned 10 years old.....we went to Bear Lake with our family & Chris & Austin went to Basketball camp in St. George for a week.....then Austin went to scout camp for a week. They were not home much this month. I participated in the Cancer Walk as a survivor. That was a neat experience. My family all wore melanoma shirts in support of me. I survived my first Father's day without my dad. I don't think we knew what to we went to my mom's.

July.....Chris celebrated a birthday....celebrated 4th of July and 24th of July with families.

August......took another trip to Bear Lake... got ready for school....Austin marched in a couple parades with the marching band.....Taylee got a 1st place ribbon on her quilt for the fair. I had a birthday and started the downhill to 40, so exciting!

September.....we all started school one way or the other, Chris college at USU, the kids at school and me teaching at BATC in the evenings. Life just got busy!! Chris is also subbing for the school district and coaching Austin's soccer team.

October.....still busy.....celebrated Halloween

November..... Austin marched in the Vetrans Day parade in Ogden with the marching band. Very cold and wet....but good experience. Celebrated thanksgiving at Grandma Braegger's house this year. Chris started helping coach the freshman basketball team at the high school.

Austin has been playing basketball on a comp team.

December..... had a great christmas....we all got spoiled always....anxious to start this new year out right!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fashion Show

Taylee is in 4H with her Aunt, Robyn as her teacher. It is a sewing 4-H and they had a fashion show at Robyn's mom's house to practice for the Fair.
It was really fun to have all the dresses and outfits from differnt eras of time.

This is Robyn and Kit.
Brinley got to model too. She was scared to come out by herself, so another girl brought her out. She looked so cute in the little dress from the 70's.

I love this picture!!!!

Taylee loved modeling!! She was eating it up!! She was modeling the skirt from the 80's.

This is a group shot of some of the girls modeling their dresses. Very fun!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Island Park

This year, we got invited to go to Island park with some friends. We had a blast riding the river in tubes and just relaxing and enjoying some time off.
The first day we got there, that night the girls, drove up to West Yellowstone and went to a Play. It was Beauty and the Beast. It was so fun and cute to watch.

The next day we had activities and floating on the little buffalo river. We did not bring our camera, cause i was afraid it would of got wet. I wish I took it though.
This is the girls... Hollie, Taylee, Calie & Brinley

Here is Austin after he made a "fire" out of Candy

We took our dog, Oreo. He was such a good dog. He just relaxed and never barked. I was worried about that. Well ok he did bark at a few squirrels, but I think they were taunting him!

We all decided to go cliff jumping. This is Taylee jumping off.

This Tiny picture is Tiny Brinley jumping off by herself!!!! I could not believe she did it!

Then they all talked me into jumping off with my 2 friends, Crista & Kristy! Don't we look crazy!

There was a big Volleyball pit in our campground and the kids loved to play in it. Well, Brinley was in heaven with all the sand and dirt. This is a pic of her and how dirty she got!!

We played games around the campfire and enjoyed talking

Here is a picture of us at our campsite.
We loved going there. We have to go there more often.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

24th of July

The annual 24th of July in Bear River city, started out with the parade and my mini colorguard being involved in it. So much fun.

The 24th has many highlights...

Brin marching down the parade

Playing with cousins

hanging out with family....

and more family....

and running the races, eating pie and watching the baby show.
This year we went to a Salt Lake Real Soccer game in Sandy. We all had never been to the new stadium and this was something different to do.

We had good seats, 5 rows up and right behind a goal. This is everyone eating cotton candy. It was soooooo hot, we spent $20.00 for each of us to have ONE bottle of water. But it was worth it!~

The game ended up being tied 1-1

Here is the girls posing and the boys very into the game.

When the game was over, they let us go down to the field and sit and watch the fireworks. It was a lot of fun to do that.

After the fireworks, we got a hotel in Sandy and spent the night there. It was a late game and we thought that would top off our fun weekend, and it did.